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Hello too the 4 M\'s..;) 05-09-2005
Hey boys;)

Are you still going strong in Alanya?
We are back too normal in Norway. ajust want too say thanks for all hte fun at crazy horse. Hope too see you all nexst year...;)

Kisses from Torill and Ida
B 31-08-2005
Tjenare kompisar!!

Vil os bare sige tak til Kriegbaum for en fantstisk sommer;o).....vildere!!

Christian Kbh Denmark
crazy horse NL 25-08-2005
Hey guys, it looks likes online people from Denmark or Sweden visit your bar! Butt no......HOLLAND was there also! We liked the crazy horse very much! First you have to visit Amsterdam, and then we will visit Alanya again!
Celester ans Nicole Amsterdam HOLLAND!
Crazy Horse!!! Of coruse =) 25-08-2005
Thanks to our lovely boys!
Adem for your delicious free drinks and kindness =)
And Mitat for your drinktip =) I LOVE your eyes (Amanda)
Hope we meet again soon
Love from us ;)
Amanda Junemalm & Gabriella Stegaru
THANK YOU 24-08-2005
Thanks to Kamil for helping me find Carolina Marquez - The killer\'s song!!! =)
Linn Sthlm SWEDEN
Thanks for this summer... 24-08-2005
The summer is allmost over and im back in Denmark, but im looking forward to see all of you next year..

Thank you for a great summer..

Take care...


Thomas Jensen Holte Denmark
THE BEST 21-08-2005
We will definitley be back next summer!!!!!!!! Love the boys in the bar ;)
Hi!! 15-08-2005
I had a great time in alanya (again), specially when we came to Crazy Horse. Thanks for everything! Hope to see you next year!
mm, I love your blue shirt ;) Hope to see you again..
Anna Varberg Sweden
Hello everyone! 05-08-2005
Thank you for a good season in alanya. And Mehmet can you tell my Hakan (DJ Bora)at palm beach that I miss him very much!!
I hope to see you soon..
Or next summer..

take care..
Nathalie Nyberg Gothenburg Sweden
Hello to you all. 31-07-2005
Hello everybody from Crazy Horse.
Thanks for some great nights.
And a special thanks to Adem... Thanks for everything. You are the best ;-)
You made the nights in Alanya even better than we could have hoped for.

We will miss you.

Hope to see you all again next summer when we return to Alanya!!!
Katrine and Therese k
Thanks for monday... 26-07-2005
Hey, hey! Now we are back in Germany, but wont forget last monday in CrazyHorse. What a fun!
See u all soon. Alex and Marina
Alexandra&Martina Hamburg Germany
hmmmmmm 20-07-2005
I really enjoyed my evenings at Crazy Horse during the days I had to be in Alanya. Thanx a lot!
Doga Yaltirik Izmir Turkey
Vildere, Vildere, Vildere!!! 19-07-2005
We love you Crazy Horse we do...we love you Crazy Horse we do...we love you Crazy Horse we do...oohhhh Crazy Horse WE LOV YOU!

Tony Lund-Burmeister Copenhagen Denmark
Vildere, vildere, vildere... !! 18-07-2005
Hello all from Crazy Horse. Thanks for the 2 best weeks in Alanya! Special thakns to you Zigzag ( Mehmet ), me and the girls gonna miss you A LOT!
- Du er s
Camilla Skinnebak Ballerup Denmark
hi guys! 17-07-2005
Hi guys, how are you all? Long time no seen..
two years since last time..
Just wanted to say hi.
have a great summer!
Behave! :o)

Annette now sydney.. norway
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