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For my friend Bobo 17-01-2007
It\'s my photo for Bobo
Anna City Country
a perfect holiday 11-01-2007
i was at alanya last summer..that was a brilliant holiday for me..i miss u crazyhorse and u crazygils ;)
g haktan malay ankara turkey
Happy new year... 09-01-2007
Hey everybody, and Mai & Trine...

Hope u had a great 2006 and will get a even better 2007...

See u all in the summer time...

Hugs Lea...
Lea Iversen Copenhagen Denmark
mehmet 05-01-2007
dont know if you remember me, was a long time ago, but i wont forget it.. i like to contact you because i working for a swedish travel company and this season my base is in alanya..... so i want to see the whole you agian... kisses erica...
erica karlstad sweden
hi everbady 04-01-2007
mrb crazy horse kafilesi ferudun abi cetin abi mitat memet etin ve yasar recai abi nasylsynz iyisiniz insallah bayramynyz mubarek olsun kendinize ii bakyn bye
mehmet cankyr hatay Country
Happy New Year... 03-01-2007

Hello again, and hello Trine and Lea...

I just want to say Happy New Year to all of you, isnt it great that we can write here so all of you can see that we love your place....!!

Hope to see you in the summer of 2007, if not in Crazy Horse, then at Palm Beach...
Bye bye..
Mai Heintzelmann Frederikshavn Denmark
Thanks for a great year! 01-01-2007
Hi to all of you!
Its been so great getting to know all of you! I think its been the best summer of my life, and all of you have been a great part of it.
The best place in whole of Turkey, with the best drinks and food...
Is your free pickup service also available in Denmark;-)

Hope to see you all again!!!
Trine Kj
let me be!!! 31-12-2006
I have find the woman of my life, she is my everything and I will go to her soon to be with her. so please every body just let me be!! I dont like when people talk shit!!!

/ Niclas
niclas City Country
looove 31-12-2006
I just want to sat happy new year to everyone..
Hope to see you again in 2007..

This picture is at Crazy horse, week 42.. Kerstine, me and Rikke

Hope to go there again in 2007..

Hugs Tine
Tine Haslund Aalborg Denmark
Merhaba! 26-12-2006
Although I have a good time back in Holland...I still miss Alanya...!
The nice life of no worries, sun, beach, nice people and ofcourse nice food & cocktails your place!
Anyway, all the best to you, maby see you next year...who knows!
Bianca Breda Alanya
hej niclas 09-12-2006
how r u ? u back again mmm see u soon summer
tytyyano stokholm sweden
Yashar and Memet. 29-11-2006
Hello you two wonderful guys. I just wanted to say that we (especially me) miss you very very much, we miss the bar, we miss the wonderful choclate cake with cream..mmmm...
Anyways, Yashar canim, add me to your msn. Use the emailadress above. Memet, keep making fun of everyone cause you are so sweet (remember \"tjockis but happy\"?) We still laugh about it.

Kisses and hugs
The two iranian girls from Sweden... ;-)
The two iranian girls.. Uppsala Sweden
no need for title 24-11-2006
Hey baby ;-)
Darinka City Country
hi everybody 24-11-2006
herkese diyarbakyrdan selamlar. mehmet metryn murat mitat yasar vedat ve digerleri. hepiniz icin hayyrly kys sezonlary diliyorum. 6 veya 7 mayysta gorusmek dilegiyle.
adem adem adem max- mex
adamsahiner diyarbakyr turkey
Hey all Crazy people... 24-11-2006
Thanks for a great season and the nice goodbye dinner...
hope to see you all next year, when i (hopefully) turn back working all season in Alanya again, using my off nights drinking strawberry daquries at Crazy Horse like this year...:)

till then see u and have a nice winter... hugs Lea...
Lea Iversen Copenhagen Denmark
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